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    I took a written test yesterday that had 50 questions and you had 12 minutes to complete it. You had to get at least 19 right to pass, and it had some math, sentences, and word associations such as this word is to that word type questions. I don't think you were expected to finish it but I got to #47. Has anyone taken a test in this format before??? I've taken writtens where you get a few hours. The first two math questions could have taken up the whole 12 minutes to work out the problems. Does anyone know what they look for with this type of test? Thinking fast in a few minutes?

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    Sounds like time management, problem solving, general knowledge, specific knowledge stretgths, etc.

    Were all questions weighted the same? If they were, they can tell where your strengths are by looking at what type questions you skip, what type questions you answered, of the type questions you answered how many were correct.

    I like tests like this. Its amazing how many people will see they need "19" correct answers so they spend all the time answering questions in order wether they are good at that type question or not. Hurts their score.
    Just another one of the 99%ers looking up.

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    I had to take that test before as one of the entrance exams into the paramedic school I went to. I'm not sure what I scored on it as we had 3 other tests that night also. I was told I scored well, but no numbers.

    The word association questions are my weakpoint on fire tests, I've been trying to figure out a way to due better on that section...

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