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    Question background checks and being fired from previous job

    Afternoon fellas-
    I am getting ready to start the application process with a major Metro Department. I am finishing up my AS in Fire science as I finish my fire academy in December. I am armed with the tools to be succesful in my career. However, I have a scratch on my record. About 4 years ago, I worked at Trader Joe's grocery store and I was let go. I was a valued employee and was well like by 99 percent of the people that I worked alongside especially my managers. One morning while bringing boxes into the store to stock the shelves, I "patted" a female worker out of my way as she was standing directly in my path of travel. Because of my hand placement on the hand truck, I patter her with my lower hand and touched her hip/butt. I was trying to get work done and She flipped out. She started screaming about how dare I touch her like that and yada yada. I was embarrassed because my intentions were not perverted but thats how it was played off. I aplogized to her and went on with my day. I was suspended for a week and was not told why. I was called a week later and told to come on back to work. When I arrived, the management had my papers waiting. Turns out that two of this girls friends said that I had grabbed their asses too. She had wanted me gone for some reason or another and she found her ticket to do so. I didn't touch anybody; but my manager said that his hands were tied due to liability of litigation. I was accused of "innaporpriate conduct with three female employees" as it states on my personnel file.
    I DO NOT want this to afffect my ability to get a job. I have otherwise been a perfect citizen. I have taken women's studies classes at the local community collegein my 3 years of studies. I don't know if that can counter my mishap. I called The corporate office and they said that in order to get the records out , the file would have to have a subpeona from the courts. I would like to be honest about my stiuation without having it jepordize my chances at employment.
    Any advice is helpful.

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    Be honest and up front about it. DO NOT try to hide it in any way.

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    Default Be honest

    I'd have to agree. Be honest about it. It sounds like it was still in a period that's somewhat concidered to be a learning era for everyone in the work force. If you let them know that it was a learning experience for you I don't think they will hold that againts you very much.

    There are officers in the police force who've smoked marjuana (Spelling?) and other forms of illegal narcotics. They were honest about it during the hiring process. They were hired.

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    Here's hoping it doesn't even register as a blip on that radar screen.I'd been arrested in 95 for defending myself and when I joined my old volunteer department,the SO member asked how far away they were and when I told him "Less than 21 feet"(the magic distance that someone can beat you before you can draw your sidearm),he said I was in the right and never said anything else about it.
    If and when you get past the background check,don't do anything to EVER make your Chief and officers regret it.
    Sounds like you don't need rehabilitating but there will be people who know your story that you WILL run into again during your service and wonder how you got to be where you are.
    Good luck with it.

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    When asked by a prospective employer, it is not legal for a past employer to give out any information other than to varify that you did work there, when you worked there and, if asked if they would rehire you again, they can say "no", but can not disclose why.
    Your work record consists of where, when and duties performed. Anything beyond that infringes on personal privacy issues and opens an employer up to legal action.

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