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    Default NFPA & Aerial Platform

    I know I have seen the NFPA requirments for an aerial platform but can't find them. I did a search with little luck. If someone has a copy or can lead me to one that would be great. Thanks.

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    go to codes and standards tab
    put 1901 in search box.
    you want NFPA1901-2003 edition $50
    If you are going to spend $750,000 + on a platform $50 for some knowledge is cheap

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    Thumbs up I Know But....

    I don't have the say on what books we buy and what we don't I could ask but it's a process. Here's the deal we are purchasing a used aerial platform for another department for a real great price. We have never had a aerial of any type. We are getting this no matter what and we are due for delivery soon. Just wondering if I can get the basic NFPA list? Thanks

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    Go to this link:


    Click on I AGREE at the bottom

    Click on Open NFPA 1901: Automotive Fire Apparatus, 2003 Edition

    The whole standard is worth reading, but pay special attention to Chapters 8, 9 (if it has a pump) and 20.

    As far as purchasing used, the truck may or may not meet the current edition of the NFPA standard, which is fine. It really only has to meet the standard from the year it was built if you're that concerned about it. You should also have it tested and recertified by a licensed third party tester to make sure it's safe and in compliance. Good luck.

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