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    Post Getting intros & details out of the way

    Hi, All...

    Name's Mark... most call me 'G' or "Gman"... 32 Yrs old, member of the local Volunteer FD since I was 13.

    I've been actively involved with the Fire Department, local EMS, and EMA for quite a while... added Local Government to the list in the last few years.

    Other than that, I'm a PC/Network tech, currently working in the banking equipment field, avid gun collector/shooter, fisherman, and paintballer. Other hobbies include small engine / machinery repair, bowling (and bowling machinery), and occasional rabblerousing.

    "Just the facts, Ma'am..."

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    Welcome to the forums...

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    Welcome aboard!
    Tom Warshaw
    Station 13 (Bethel)
    Sumter Fire Department

    "Scientists believe that the world is composed mainly of hydrogen because in their opinion, it is the most abundant element. I however, feel the earth is composed mainly of stupidity, because it is more abundant than hydrogen." - Frank Zappa

    September 11, 2001. We Must Never Forget.

    In memory of Thomas Sabella, L-13, FDNY

    All opinions stated are my own and do not reflect the opinions of my department or any organization I may belong to.

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