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    Default Career change!

    Well I never thought this would happen, but as a long awaited dream I think its starting to happen. Ive been in college studying civil CAD/engineering, and just recently my mind has been wanting to swing me to stay with the fire dept and get all the training that is necassary. I am almost EMT certified, they are willing to send me to a fire academy, its looking really good. I think this is what I want to do for my career. I know its hard to get into a full time position but its not impossible. So I got my simple degree and decided to bag getting my civil certification and go with the EMS/Fire plan... I will just spend my time at the station more learning as much as I can. Once I start gaining experience and have some of my training certified will it be easier for me to move to a bigger dept perhaps? Right now I get paid to go on calls and for every hour im on the call and the EMT's get paid to be on a shift waiting for calls... Let me know your thoughts... If it takes me awhile to walk into a full time position then fine I dont care, but I am also wanting to know if I will have some security of income once I am a EMT....

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    Your income and job satisfaction all comes with where you are employed. - Diffrent states and jurisdictions pay diffrent and benifits vary. Me for example I'm part of a 6 man Career Staff working for a Volunteer Fire Company which has about 30 members. -

    We work straight Dayworks {0600-1800} have ample time off, excellant benifits {We don't pay a dime - Fire Company Pays} Our Salary isn't all that spectacular - We average $14.00 to $15.50 an hour to start and usually top out just over $26.00 to $28.00 an hour depending on raises, budgets, and the like. We're not IAFF {which I'm not sure if that's good or bad but considering we work for a Volunteer Company I'm guessing it's good considering the perks we recieve with out having to have a contract}

    Only you'll know your-self what will work for you. If money is what you're after than Firefighting as a career isn't for you. - You do this job because you love it. - Most spots in Career Fire/EMS are hard to come by - Mine was the exception - Submitted a resume' and poof....I was hired - we don't test here and you must already have previous expirence to be considered but it is easier. -- All I can really say is evaluate your needs, expenses, and so on......If you can finacially make it as a firefighter....Welcome !

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    Default go for it

    I think you should follow your heart. If you are happy doing what you do then life is good. As for the money, if you keep your needs simple you will always have enough. Good luck to you!

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    BD6413 is right - if you are looking to make money - fire fighting/EMS isn't for you - If you looking at decent wages and want to help people then it's the right job.. Pay - benefits - requirements - all departments are different...

    The more training you get will help plus your EMT will help - but a lot of departments look at training and experience.. All you can do is apply and interview and go from there...

    Good luck...

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