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    A couple of years ago in Los Angeles County they began addressing this problem using a task force...turns out you can enforce the code all you want but 90 days or so after the property is cleaned up it will be back to the same state. They found the problem to me more of a psychological/medical type of issue then simply ignorant people. Other jurisdictions are now using the task force approach. Fairfax County has a great website that can explain it better than I-check out http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/dpwes/t...tf_general.htm

    also other information can be found at

    Here is how the task force is handling things in Orange County CA....including the writing (or not writing) of citations...

    Hope that helps!

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    Thanks FWD for the update.

    My grandfather is like that little old lady, so it is nice to see that action can be done to keep them safe.

    Keeps the mind open.

    Appreciate it
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    Goalies are the best btw :P

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    Here we are a couple of years later, and the topic came up in another forum, so I figured I would close this one out.

    As stated in my last post, the DJ continued the case for 30 days, and gave her that to comply. In the meantime, he himself subpoenaed the Apartment Management, the County Office of Aging, and the family.

    We all went back 30 days later.

    The day before the second hearing, I was supposed to go and re-inspect her place. I knocked several times but "no one was home."

    -The family testified (and the little old lady confirmed) that they tried repeatedly to help her, and in fact one time did clean out her place while another family member took her out for the day. When they came back, the little old lady went apeschit and threatened to call the cops on everyone. In fact, the family even brought a copy of a letter that SHE had her lawyer send to them threatening legal action if they did it again.

    -The Apartment Management testified that she would never let them into her place. Due to the fact that she was "section 8" it was next near to impossible to evict her, as long as she kept paying her rent, which she did.

    -County Dept of Aging basically confirmed the fact that they dropped the ball. They never came out and said it, but in so many words confirmed the fact that they really didnt want anything to do with her because of past dealings. They did however, agree to work with the family to find her a place to live as the Apartment Management wanted her out.

    The day before the second hearing, I was supposed to go and re-inspect her place. I knocked several times but "no one was home." She admitted to the judge that she had not complied. The Judge went ballistic on her. He basically ordered her to work with her family, the Dept of Aging, and the Apartment Complex (because in the Judges words "all three of you have failed her.") He told her that if I came back in 20 days and the place was not to my liking, he would lock her up. He even arranged for a free dumpster.

    I went back on the family's request 16 days later and the place was stripped to the bare floors. They advised she would not be back.

    I reported to the Solicitor that she had complied. Never did hear if we got court costs or anything else.
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