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    Default "Live" Buoy data maps

    Here's a great link for a map that puts all the buoy data from a whole regions buoy's right on the map: http://www.pdfamily.com/weather/buoy.php ! No clicking on each buoy! The list of additional maps includes the entire US coast, Alaska, Hawaii, Great Lakes, Gulf, Caribbean and even some of Europe. This provides real time data of the ocean & Great Lake conditions.

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    Default weather bouys

    We tend to use this link: http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/

    When I was in the Coast Guard, we used to set the 2 bouys here in lake michigan for NOAA. This is a valuable resource for SAR, and has a page that you can use for that purpose, called "SAR information". It lays out previous days wind direction, wave action and other info. I do like your site, but this is a more direct route to get there

    Chris Wooten
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