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    Default Impact of college transcripts

    So I am about to be a college graduate with a BA in psychology and like many other hopeful fireifighters I am testing anywhere and everywhere I can.

    During my college career I was an athlete all 4 years and was highly decorated in the NCAA for my sport. However, I was only an average student my whole life, I have only really been a B/C student during my college career, its not that I didn't try is just that juggling class loads and athletics in college can be tricky. My question is when a department looks at my transcripts, are they going to think that my average grades mean that I'm only an average person? Or that it refelects on my work ethic. I chose a tough field and I also went to a highly academic school, I tried my best but there was just no way I was going to be an A student.

    Any insight would be great

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    In most places, college is not a requirement. As long as you can provide a high school diploma- thats what they are looking for.

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    Have they asked specifically for transcripts? Or do they just want to see a diploma?
    I too was a college athlete (for 2 years) and my grades were average, but that never came in to play when I was recently hired. But again, a college diploma was not a requirement of the job. I wouldn't stress about it too much. Good luck!

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    I agree that most places do not require a degree. If they do, I cannot remember a department asking for transcripts.

    I am not proud of my early college transcripts. As a matter of fact, my 12-year old daughter just saw mine and I was embarrassed about how bad they were.

    On a side note I interviewed a couple of candidates recently. One of them included their college transcripts. They looked a lot like mine. Early in this candidate’s college career it was apparent that college was not a priority. As the candidate matured, the grades improved. I do have to admit that I did form an opinion of the candidate based on the transcript.

    While this candidate did extremely well on the interview, the transcripts did raise a cause for concern.

    In a nutshell, in your case I do not see any reason for you to include your transcripts. Your degree will suffice.

    BTW, congratulations on earning your degree. It will suit you well for a career in the fire service. Now follow it up with fire science education, EMT, a basic fire academy and become involved with a fire department as a reserve or volunteer.

    Most importantly, learn how to take a fire department interview.

    Paul Lepore
    Battalion Chief

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    I don't have a degree yet, but I turned in my transcripts because my H.S. diploma is lost somewhere and my college transcript is better than my H.S. one. That said, it still sucks because I took some online classes and didn't fair very well.
    I am a highly trained professional and can find my :: expletive deleted:: with either hand in various light conditions.

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    Default transcripts

    If I can remember when you fill out your application they simply ask when and where you went to High School. They do not ask for proof. That's the background investigators' job. As for your transcripts they ask for years of education. I would simply put down the years you have completed and go from there. Its really not that complicated.
    I also agree with Chief Lepore....some of my transcripts were ghastly. They came with an explanation....I was entering the service and was a bit pre-occupied.

    Jay Dudley, Retired Fire
    Jay Dudley
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    Background Investigator
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    I don't know but I here laughing.


    That fire department that I had applied to last year wanted:
    HS diploma
    HS transcripts
    College transcripts

    They got it all.
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