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    Default ISO Help Please.................

    What is your interpretation on what is needed receiving the points allowed in the Pre-plan section of the ISO Rating. Also what is the difference in the different training (drill, company etc.) catagories?

    Quick Note: If you are volunteer does all member have to go on your revisites?
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    From our last ISO grading, preplan includes having a written or electronic preplan of all commercial structures in your jurisdiction updated at least annually. We didn't have enough data to score points on this item, but I expect that it is all subject to audit, i.e., if you "updated" all your files on 4 October this year, you're going to get busted.

    Training is broken down into categories. Company training is what each company does in-house. Multi-company training (day and night) is two or more companies training together. ISO is looking for total hours of training AND sufficient distribution of training hours. EMS and some other training doesn't count, although they seem to allow a standard CPR recert class and rescue training that has fire suppression relevance.

    Physical fitness may be awarded training credit at up to 1/2 training hour per exercise hour if sufficiently documented.

    That's what I remember off the top of my head, anyway. Hope it helps some.

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    Default Iso

    We just completed our ISO audit last month. Everyone in your department needs to participate in the inspections either by going on the inspections or having a training day to go over the inspections with the whole department. We were not going over ours with the whole department. We will not have our results back for 3-4 months. The ISO mitigation web site will help you alot.

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