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    Red face Palace Chase/Contract Overseas

    Hey guys hows it going? Well here is my situation I am currently active duty and I am in the process of Palace Chase and going to the Reserves. As of Now I should be out Dec. 18, 2006. I applied to Wackenhut a month ago, and I had the phone interview and they sent out the packet to be filled out and returned to them. The date scheduled for me to leave is January 8, 2007. The problem is that I will be in the Reserves and I need to find a way around it. Whether is with a leave of absence or transferring units to one thats overseas. I really would not like to lose this opportunity, It will be a great experience for me working with Firefighters all over the world and the money is great. So if theres anyway you can help me out, please do so it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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    I am in the usafr and took a year of absence. Its really not a big deal, but you might think twice about going into the reserves cause this contract work is way good money. You might want to do this for more than a year than the unit wil have issues with you?!

    goodluck man and well see you in country!!!!!!!!

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    Default palase chase

    alright i know you are going to do what you want to do but you need to put a package in to get out of the air force eairly there is far less crap to deal with. i just got out 4 mo eairly and with the draw back on the air force they are letting everyone out. i was a critical career field. and they let me out. the key to it is that you have to submit a package telling the airforce how it is bettering the country you being out as a contract firefighter and submit your offer letter. they eat that **** up pluse there is a clause in the air force if you can make 3 times what you make you can get out. any way that is just fyi

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    Fire 161,

    I already put in for the palace chase and it was approved, the recruiter has already got me a slot so all I'm basically waiting for now is to seperate. I tried seperating earlier this year without palace chase and they did not let me. Do you think there is anyway I can go ahead and seperate now without going to the reserves?

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