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    I'm also not a "sole source"believer.ANY apparatus is only as good as the dealer or mfg wants to back it.6 source apparatus with good dealer/ mfg support: GOOD. Single source apparatus with a less than good dealer/mfg support;Well, why don't you ask Lincoln Neb? While I believe Mike Wilbur is an excellent source of information,I don't believe he has all the answers any more than any other SINGULAR source of information. Would I utilize his expertise? Absolutely! Would I consult another source or sources during the process? You bet your A** I will. I've worked around chemicals too long to depend on ONE source of information.The most info you can get is generally half enough.Same goes for apparatus,what might be the best source in Marlborough Mass might be a pi** poor choice in the North woods of Maine. If sole source is your safety zone by all means buy/stay there. Most folks that do a vehicle right will have few problems no matter which source they choose.If you don't do your homework and get it right the first time,there will likely be enough pain in your backside to keep you from making the same error again. T.C.

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    Like I said, the real issue is getting the service work performed in a timely manner regardless of who built what part of the truck. I know and trust that Mike's experience in the apparatus field is much further reaching than just NYC, and to that end he can list many cases that were tied up for many months with the truck sitting uncorrected. Also as I stated, Mike thinks the new sole responsibility clauses are a great choice, that once proven should eliminate the need/want/desire for most places to remain sole-source buyers.

    One cannot rely on how FDNY is treated by any builder as an indication on how they will be treated (unless you buy nearly as much as they do). No one is saying that a non-sole source builder can't build a great truck or that sole-source trucks are better. It is mostly a service issue when something goes wrong. I'll bet FDNY would like to go back to non-sole sources such as Mack/Ward 79 or Mack/Saulsbury.

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    Quote Originally Posted by k1500chevy97 View Post
    As a matter of fact my district has 3 engine/tenders on order with them right now.

    bumping this back up.

    How about an update Mr. Topic Starter
    We took delivery of our 3 new rosenbauer engines last week about the same tme you guys took delivery on your new engine from the same dealer.

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    So, coming from australia where we only use twin cabs, whats the idea behind single cabs, seems a waste to me. Where does the crew sit, or is it a rare thing for people to travel in the engine?

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    It looks like the truck has been delivered according to the delivery section on their website


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