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    Exclamation Crazy Night In Pine Bluff

    Three working fires in four hours in Pine Bluff , Arkansas

    First fire at 10PM at 3100 S. Cherry, first due Engine 36 arrived to report heavy fire showing on B-Side of a large home. (Code 1100) FIREFIGHTERS HOME. E-32, 36 AND L-33 along with C-31 were on scene. L-34 also responded due to (1100). One firefighter was sent to the hospital.

    At 12:30 AM While C-31 was returning to Station-1 he found a house on fire downtown. E-32, 36, 35, 37, L-33, 34, C-31, FM-39 responded. The fire was already well involved on the structure. And the roof of a downtown business was also burning next to the house. Crews had the fire under control in 2 hours. Command was changed from 31 to 37(M) due to a second fire.

    While at the fire downtown Station 5 and 6 were toned out to a house fire with people trapped. C-31 responded along with L-34 from the fire downtown. E-38 and E-40 responded from there stations. First due Engine Companies arrived to find heavy fire showing. Firefighters entered the home and rescued two people inside. EASI medics responded and transported. All Companies were back at ther stations by 5AM.

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    Congrats on the grab(s). Hope the firefighter transported will make a full recovery. Stay safe down there.

    And.... just in case you're a Razorbacks fan... just be glad luck was on ya'lls side yesterday!!!
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