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    Default New Apparatus Specs

    Hey everyone, we got the 10 questions on our AFG for a new tanker and we're getting the tanker committe back together in the next week so we can start working on this project again, but I was curious if anyone had any specs that they would like to share. As I said, we are going for a tanker so if you have tanker specs that would be great, but if not anything would be better than what we have. We have never used specs before when purchasing a vehicle. Also looking for some good wording for a performance bond since we have to include that in there as part of the AFG requirement. Feel free to send them over to not2l84u2@charter.net. Thanks everyone for the help.

    Just in case you're interested, here's what we have in mind so far. Commercial chasis, single cab, single rear axle, dual wheels, 2000 gallon tank, dryside, at least 750 PTO pump, LED on lower and standard light bar. Any other suggestions?

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    how are you doing compartments? do you want a ladder or dry-suction? do you want LDH or crossslays? I assume a side mount pump panel. do you need scene lighting? does this need to have any attack engine capabiltites or is it just a straigt tanker? what sort of equipment do you plan on carrying?

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    Default Learn About Tankers Before Specing One.

    Before you make your decision on what you want in a tanker I suggest you read the entire Firehouse Forums thread started by FF807 titled "THAT'S IT! - No more Tankers!". I also suggest that you read the articles from Lt. Mike Wilbur (FDNY). Better yet google him or check with Firehouse and see if he has any speaking engagments you can attend. You will learn a ton a stuff about the HAZARDS of tankers, the good or bad of commercial chassis, and multiple safety concerns THAT NEED TO BE ADDRESSED IN YOUR SPEC. I believe NHTSA tracks numbers of fatalities from tanker trucks and the type of chassis.

    Please do your homework first.

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