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    Question ALF 700 Series Operator's Manual

    I just purchased a very used ALF 700 series closed cab pumper. Does anyone know where I might find an operator's manual for it? Either an actual manual or a reprint would be great. Thanks for any help.

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    Give me the exact model and serial number, and the makes and models of the following if you can get them: Engine, Tranny, Clutch, transfer case, pump and rear. Let me look through my plethora of useless apparatus knowledge and see what I can come up with. I know I dont have a manual, but having information on components used in 700 series pumpers is not unlikely.

    Some excellent sources of info:
    1. "The Encyclopedia of American Lafrance" by Robert B. Marvin. Two volumes. I know that the author is deceased, and finding this book can be a challenge, but is a MUST HAVE for any true red-blooded Lafrance Buff/Owner.

    2. "American Fire Apparatus since 1900" By Walt Mcall. Another hard to find one, but invaluable for Lafrance (or any other make) information

    2. As an apparatus owner- JOIN SPAAMFAA NOW! Their archives are priceless! Your dues support exactly what the name implies: "The Society (for the) Preservation (and) Appreication (of) Antique Motorized Fire Apparatus (in) America
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    Thanks for the reply. I haven't gotten the truck home yet so I don't have the info to give you at the moment. Hopefully, it will be home soon.

    I am already a SPAAMFAA member. This is actually the 3rd truck I will own. I also have a 1959 Ford F800 John Bean pumper and a 1963 Chevy C30 panel van rescue truck. I was fortunate enough to buy the other two from the departments that bought them new so I got all kinds of info along with them.

    I will be the 3rd owner of the ALF but know many of the guys well that belong to the department it was originally from so I hope to pick up some info from them.

    I will get back with you when I have more information to give you.

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    Check this one out www.alfowners.org

    It may help you out as well.
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