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    Default Kuwait FF openings

    6 October 2006

    CSA ltd. Fire and Emergency Services Department is seeking highly qualified Firefighters and Officer for duty at various locations with in Kuwait . All applicants must hold certifications accredited by NPQS, DoD or IFSAC. Certifications for Firefighters and Officers must be compliant with NFPA 1001 and NFPA 1021.

    All applicants must be at least 21 years of age and have a minimum of 2 years firefighting experience. Volunteer and industrial protection experience will be considered with a military background. Valid driverís license, excellent work history with no criminal record is required. Advanced certifications are preferred. Officers must have 8 or more years of fulltime fire service experience with advanced certification in EMS or Hazardous Materials. All applicants must have positive references form senior leadership with in your current organization.

    CSA Ltd offers an excellent compensation plan with benefits, 30 days of paid vacation, apartments and off duty shared vehicle use. Contracts are one year in length all employees are subject to Kuwait immigration and labor laws. Annual estimated compensation for firefighters is 65 thousand dollars.

    To apply, submit an application found on www.csakuwait.com (do not use the simple resume) Firefighters seeking employment must send a resume with complete work history and certifications to Battalion Chief Schamel at eric.schamel@arifjan.arcent.army.mil Officers seeking employment must send a resume with complete work history and certifications to Chief McDonnell at steven.mcdonnell@arifjan.arcent.army.mil

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    CSA fire department is a joke. The management dosnt know how to run a department and the chief is sexist towards women. They are the laughing stock of the contracting world. The scheduling is all jacked up they lie to people when they recruit you they tell you 1 thing when you get there its a different story. They will say your gonne get tons of OT and hours but thats bullcrap. Expect to work 48 hours a week and make 2k a check. Your gonna make a lot less then they tell you. They lure you there by telling you how great it is. Dont waste your time with CSA you wont get any training done either. I worked there for almost a year and the training guys are all out for themselves they dont care about the firefighters.
    If your going to go all the way overseas, go with KBR or WSI...CSA is a waste of time when you can make 2-3 times as much with KBR or WSI. KBR operates in Kuwait and you make double, you can live offbase if you work with KBR too.
    If you decide you want to leave the contract early, they try to **** you over. You have to pay them back for the ticket and some costs too. Atleast with WSI or KBR you can leave at any time and they pay your way home. CSA makes it financially tough for you to leave because they make you pay back about 4-5k if you dont like it.

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    Default CSA is a joke


    Not only does this Fire DEpartment suck but CSA as a company is a terrible contractor to work for. Expect low wages, low hours and low morale.


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