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    Does anyone have dimensions of the interior spaces for a custom cab? Specifically the space between forward and rearward facing crew cab seats (legroom), floor to ceiling height, etc. None of the manufacturers (spartan, pierce, seagrave, etc.) have that info on their websites. Who has the largest crewcab?

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    On the Pierce Velocity, the dimensions are:

    Forward Cab Height - 102"
    Crew Cab Height - 122" (20" Raise)
    Cab Width - 100"
    Interior Width 93.50"
    Driver/Officer - 24" clear width at knee level
    Interior Cab Forward Height - 60.25"
    Crew Cab Height - 72.95" in the center, 78.75" outboard
    Crew Cab - 57.50" from rear wall to back of engine tunnel

    On the Pierce Arrow Xt, the dimensions are:

    Forward Cab Height - 103"
    Crew Cab Height - 119" (16" Raise)
    Cab Width - 96"
    Interior Width - 87.50"
    Crew Cab Height - 70" in the center, 75.75" outboard
    Crew Cab - 44.50" from rear wall to back of engine tunnel

    Sorry, have a little less info available on the Arrow dimensions. The Velocity is like the Dash, it has a 77" crew area available, where the Arrow Xt has a 67" crew area available. Multiple crew cab heights are available, you can check Pierce site custon chassis brochures for that. Don't have any dimensions on the other manufacturers, I am sure somebody will chime in and have it.

    Are far as the biggest, somebody (or some manufacturers) will build you cab an inch longer that the next guy if that is what it takes to get your business. I think most large chassis manufacturers are pretty flexible depending on your needs (command area, 10 man cab, ect), with engineering limitations. Good luck.

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    All dimensions will depend on which model of cab from which manufacturer you choose. Also, is it an MFD, LFD or an ELFD? Is it a flat roof, 10",20" or maybe a 24" raised roof? You can have it so big that you can throw parties in the rear crew area if you like, if your not concerned about the overall length or turning ability.

    Here are some Spartan numbers. Interior width of a 94" wide cab ( Advantage ) is 88". A Gladiator is a 96" wide cab and most likely has an interior width of 90". A flat roof Gladiator has an interior height of 54", 64" for a 10" raised roof and so on. Leg room would depend on cab length and seating configuration. If you provide more info on what style of cab your looking for, I'm sure someone on here can give you some accurate numbers.

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    Thanks for replys. It will be a 10-man style cab(we do fill it many times!). Basically looking at the major manufacturers extended long four door style. The extra cab length will not be a huge issue with a side mount pump. The back wall-to-engine cover measurement is an interesting dimension, and one that could compare apples-to-apples.

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    We have a Seagrave 10 man split tilt cab pumper with a raised roof of 16", there is plenty of room for firefighters to move around and not being cramped !

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