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    Just a quick questions for some of the fitness gurus on here, What are your suggestions for establishing a routine, I try to hit the gym as much as possible, but once I get into a rythmn it seems to get interupted, either by picking up an extra shift at work or just being to tired on my first day off...Is it a good idea to try to just muscle up and hit the gym after a busy shift? If you are busy at work ie fires calls does that replace the gym for exercise. Also I try to be very conscience of what I eat but I find myself always wanting to eat more at work especially at night, what are some things that are good to snack on after late night runs? Thanks. Ps I work a 24 hour shift averageing about 8 runs a tour..

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    I feel you have to make working out and eating right a part of your lifestyle to really have success. Make the changes gradually so that the workouts and nutrition become a normal part of your daily routine and not a radical change that isnt going to last. I do not buy the "I dont have time to workout" excuse that you hear from so many people. I am a career firefighter with a family and two side jobs and still hit the gym five days a week. We are all busy but you have to make the time for yourself.

    Second, routine is the enemy in any good workout and nutrition program. Change up your workouts and the foods you eat often to prevent the body from adapting, which it does very quickly.

    I stop eating after 9 pm, but some good things to eat at night are low-fat cottage chz, casein protein shakes, almonds, oats. The goal is to take in proteins that are slower digesting to keep your body from a catabolic state at night.

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