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Thread: The best music for fire video?

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    Another great song by P.O.D. is "Alive"

    Here's an example for the Cav guys out there....
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    How about Thrice by the Artist in the Ambulance?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Priority View Post
    How about Thrice by the Artist in the Ambulance?
    Just a little backwards, bud. The band is Thrice, not the song!
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    Default Regarding Best Music for Fire Video

    [QUOTE=thesolarflare25;726941]Whats some good tracks to put as music for a fire video from a training academy? It will be shown at graduation, everything from guys doing pushups to a live fire exercise, dragging hoses, running a circ saw into a car with sparks... Some heavy metal might be cool and what else?

    Hey darlin,

    You should have music that possibly mentions fire in the lyrics or song title such as Burning Down the House by The Talking Heads, or Light My Fire by The Doors, but also a really good song is the theme song from Rescue Me. So, maybe a song related to firefighters/heroes would be good too. And probably any uplifting songs would be great, something heavy metal perhaps that has a really fast tempo, i.e. heavy metal. I am drawing blanks as to other songs, but looks like the other guys have given you some really great suggestions. And yes! PLEASE check out copyrights because I really would hate to see you get into some kind of trouble sweetheart and your heart's really big for doing this. I would love to see this video when you're done, so please let us know as soon as you are done. I really hope this post helps. If I can think of any other songs, I'll let you know as soon as I can. Good luck.



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    I Dare You by Shinedown was written about a firefighter!

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    "Urgent" By Foreigner

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