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    Default alternative paramedic jobs?

    does anyone know of any kind of agency that helps contract out paramedics into jobs along the lines of
    paramedic/ general medical support for adventure travel e\xpiditions

    and / or

    medical support for scientific expiditions / research in odd or remote areas? im getting kind of burt out and need something interesting to do!

    anything would help! (aside from halliburton / kellog brown and root, being former military medic, im well aware that they hire paramedics for odd posistions)



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    I have heard that some ER's hire paramedics. Go back to school and get a degree (if you don't already have one) and move up into management.
    Also, you may want to consider teaching.

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    I don't know of any jobs like that...i'd actually be pretty interested in an adventure expedition position myself! I have worked a contract in Antarctica as a firefighter though. Raytheon is the contractor for that. www.polar.org

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    Red face Got some....

    Here's 2 possibilities for you.......

    Employer: Cayman Islands Health Services Authority Cayman Islands Hospital Complex in George Town, Grand Cayman, which serves a population of about 40,000 residents.

    Title: Paramedic
    Location: George Town, Cayman Islands Tropical plants, colorful birds, quiet tidal pools, crystal clear azure waters and the highest standard of living in the Caribbean.
    Lifestyles: Sun, Coastal, International Wave goodbye to dry land and set sail for your next job! The coast is the most!

    Responsibilities: The postholder will provide pre-hospital emergency care and transportation in accordance with the protocols, policies and procedures. In addition, provide routine transport to and from the Hospital facilities as and when required.
    Qualification & Experience: The successful applicant should possess a high school certificate (or equivalent) with passes in English, Math and Science. Must have good communication, writing skills and be able to perform efficiently under high stress situations. Willing to maintain continuing training education. Paramedic licensure required.
    To Apply: Application forms and job description are available at Health Services Authority, Administration Receptionist. Submit applications to Human Resources Manager, P.O. Box 915 GT, Fax: 945-0890 or Email : Hsjobs@gov.ky

    Posting Date: Oct 3 06

    Employer: King Abdulaziz Medical Cities - Saudi Arabia Experience adventure in a foreign culture!

    Title: Paramedic
    Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Though Riyadh, Saudi Arabia's capital city (and its largest pop. 3,822,600), has modern malls and buildings and international restaurants and hotels, you can still visit the markets and ruins of Diriyah, the old city.
    Lifestyles: Sun, Coastal, Urban, International, Exotic, Outdoor Life You feel like you have a personal relationship with the weatherman you always check with him before going out.
    Description: This position requires a minimum of three years full time, post-registration experience. Must hold an Associate's Degree in Emergency Health Services and completion of a Paramedic training program. Must hold current ACLS and PALS certification.

    One-year renewable, single-status contracts available. Benefits include tax-free income, free medical care, free furnished accommodations, free airfare, and generous vacation.

    For more details and salary information:

    Email: barb@hziegler.com
    Tel: 1.800.387.4616 (toll free)
    URL: http://www.hziegler.com

    Posting Date: Oct 3 06

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    Red face

    Let us know how that goes if you look into that.

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