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Thread: Reading Smoke

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    Default Reading Smoke

    This may have been mentioned before but if anybody has some time on their hands this Saturday, The Art of Reading Smoke is being presented at Salem this Saturday, 9 - 5 (I think), only $30. Still openings so come on down. or over, or up, whichever way you need to go to get to Salem.
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    I went to this class last year at the Annual Blackhawk Firefighter's Association Conference and it was great. I think there were around 80 FF's in attendance. This class is well worth the time and the instructor's were very knowledgeable.


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    I'll be there Jack. By the way sorry I didn't get to your open house. Had a bit of an accident Saturday. Got a severely sprained ankle playing basketball in our church league. Came down on someone's foot and then someone came down on mine. POP! Of course everyone in the ER had to make comments since I'm always bringing other people in and now I was lying there

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    I should be there too...we'll see. And I would have been at the open house had I known what day it was......

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