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    Smile Greetings from germany

    Hi all,

    being from germany I finally found the forum and I want to say hello to everybody.

    I work as a paid FF/PM plus I volunteer in my hometown and am a member of @fire - german wildland handcrew / USAR team.

    Please feel free to contact me as we are always looking for exchange of knowledge and contacts....


    Detlef "Mausi" Maushake

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    Guten Tag. Welcome to the firehouse. BTW please pardon any and all horrible german I may utter (see another thread somewheres on here). Not sure how correct I am, but to me atleast most of our overseas guys seem to be either from the UK or are a Kiwi/Aussie type (please don't hurt me Kiwi if I screwed up lumping you with the Aussies ).
    Fir Na Tine
    Fir Na Au Saol

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    Herzlich Willkommen,

    exile German here, hope you stick around these forums. Lots of good info to be found here. Always good to see a fellow German lurking these halls with me.

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    Welcome to the forums.

    I'd have done that in German, but I just have a German name and heritage - no foreign language skills.

    What part of Germany are you from?

    a ship in a harbor is safe. . . but that's not what ships are for

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    Welcome to the funny farm

    You will find answers to all questions here or even answer a few yourself.
    Peace to our fallen brothers...

    9/11/01 NYC WTC

    7/4/02 Gloucester City, NJ

    -=IACOJ=- The proof is in the crust

    ......Work hard, play hard, and always have fun along the way......

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    Quote Originally Posted by GermanFF1430
    member of a german wildland handcrew / USAR team.
    What are the training pre-requisites for handcrews there? Can you refer me to any websites highlighting German wildfire crews/aircraft/suppression/etc.?


    Welcome to the forums...don't be afraid to ask questions...and jump in on the discussions!
    Proudly serving as the IACOJ Minister of Information & Propoganda!
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