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    I was a sergeant for a vol fire dept in up state NY. I had to give it up since I got orders to go back to active duty and head back to Iraq. I was going to take an officer traing course put on by NYS but had to give it up. I plan on running for sergeant again when i get back and was looking for advice for a new fire officer

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    My opinions on leadership... even though officer ranks change, the bottomline is the same. Respect the people you supervise, praise in public and critisize in private. Set a good example with your attitude, towards training and safety. In emergency scenarios safety is #1, you come first, then your guys, the patient, then the public. And lastly we're here for the public, good PR is of utmost importance.

    Of course I cuold go on and on, but if you really take this to heart, it takes a while to work on soemtimes.

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    Cool Great advice.....

    This is great advice that you got from firefighter1023, I would like to add two more things though.......

    1. Treat others how they wanna be treated.
    2. Do what is right both legally and ethically. (From the Army Leadership core)
    "Be LOUD, Be PROUD..... It just might save your can someday when goin' through an intersection!!!!!"

    Life on the Truck (Quint) is good.....

    Eat til you're sleepy..... Sleep til you're hungry..... And repeat.....

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    Try reading First in last out by John Salka. A great book about leader ship.

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