In my 20 plus years as a volunteer I would suggest you let the Chief know up front that your intentions are to be a full time firefighter. Having said that while you are doing training are you not riding out on calls and working around the station? This in my mind is pay back for training. Here in NC all of our certification training FF 1, FF II, ERT, EVD, EMT-B and more is free to an active member of a volunteer company. What classes that do have a nominal fee, my Department pays for it. The only thing we ask is for the person to finish the class, if not they must pay any fee back. Over the years we have had many men and women start as volunteers get their certifications and then gain employment with either the Wilmington City Fire Dept the New Hanover County Fire Dept or one of the surrounding cities as a part timer. Many of the New Hanover paid staff are volunteers in one other the other county stations. The City currently does no allow it men to volunteer; Im not sure what the reasoning is behind this. New Hanover County is a fairly unique situation. There are 5 volunteer dept that sign a yearly contract for service delivery in their district. The county provides a full time staff at these five stations and the one New Hanover County station. At our station we are provided 1 Lt, 2 FF and 1 part timer during the week. Working a 24/48. We run between 1300 and 1400 calls a year and utilize three engines a 75 tower, a medium rescue and a squad unit for EMS and Brush calls.

Stay safe and take care of each other