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    Default New to Firefighting, and new to this forum.

    I am brand new to this site, and brand new to firefighting. I have officially been a member of my local Volunteer Fire Dept, for about a month now. I am located in South Carolina. I know almost nothing about FireFighting. I saw one of my fellow members, that had a copy of FireHouse magazine, and that led me to this site. I hope to learn alot about the Fire Service, from this site. I am supposed to start my 1152 training at the beginning of the year, around January 9th. My Dept is starting a rookie class, for the handfull of not so experienced FireFighters that it has on its Dept. I am to start that class tommorrow night. The only fire that I have been to so far, was a car fire. So I have no experience of, really, anykind. Like I said, I am brand new, and am here to learn. I think that this site will help me alot. Thanks yall.

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    Smile Welcome

    Welcome Boonedock to one the most dangerous and rewarding professions in the world.
    My best advise to you is to learn, learn, learn and never stop learning.
    I have been on the job as a vollie for 29 years and things have greatly changed. When I first started, haz mat was some thing done at a factory, we flushed every thing in to the ditch at a MVA (motor vehicle accident), SCBA's were few and far between and a 1" booster line was my departments first line off at every fire other than a barn fire. I could go on, but I think you get the picture.
    This is definately a job where the phrase "knowledge is power" is VERY true, because what you don't know just might not only kill you but all your buddys, too.
    I wish you good luck and stay safe.
    "Your spill is our thrill."

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