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Thread: Hiring Process

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    Red face Hiring Process

    Couple questions..

    1. Is it true that if you owe the city parking tickets or other violations you will not get hired?

    2. I am number 215 (incidentally my SSN ends in 9..fuel for the ssn fight) When woudl the testing nad interview process begin if the department was sending people to the academy in february?

    3. If the test was pass/ what point do they calcualte veterans preference? Are veterans who passed called before civilians? If the order in which you are called is truly random, why give a veterans preference for the test? (i could be confused) I was in the army 7 years as an Intelligence Analyst.

    4. Why is the department so hush hush about how many they will call each time for testing or even how many they plan to hire?

    5. Do you choose which station house you work from or is it assigned? Can you apply for a particular area (i.e chicago north, south etc?)

    5. Is the academy a day school or resident?

    6. Is there material acedemically I should be reviewing (math, science, firefighter specific stuff)

    7. Are there any groups that are organized to help prepare for the Physical Agility test? Anyone want to get together a couple times a week and work out to prepare?

    8. Where can i find information on benefits and pay?

    9. Does the CFD recognize civil union/domestic partnership? Will being openly gay hurt my chances of getting hired? (yes I'm gay before anyone starts talking or making assumptions)

    10. How long do you work as a firefighter before you can apply for jobs in the Investigaton Area? (like police officers...walk the beat for "x" years before you can be a detective)

    Sorry for the questions that might be simple, I am new to this process.

    Thanks for any insight.

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    If you haven't done so - contact CFD human resource department and ask for a copy of the hiring process and requirements, benifits and etc.. that would be your best bet and good luck.. try this web sight
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    PM ChicagoFF and atleast direct him to this page. I'm sure he'll have the info you need (atleast some of it).

    Sorry for volunteering you Chicago.
    Fir Na Tine
    Fir Na Au Saol

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