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Thread: Gear Washers?

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    Default Gear Washers?

    Just "assuming" we get awarded for a grant this year, I already priced out gear washers and my other stuff - but I've come across some new info.

    I know many of you have been awarded in the past for them, can anyone provide some recommendations?

    The one I was looking at someone has advised me against.

    Thanks folks.

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    Default Same boat

    It appears we will be awarded for a gear washer and dryer (2006 award # on 2004 1199a).

    Any recomendations will be appreciated.

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    I believe you will have to get new quotes that dated after you are awarded at least that is what our grants specialist in NY has told us.

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    You won't need to rebid everything, you can acquire documentation after announcement from anyone that gave you pricing at app time that they will honor their previous price. If they are going to do so. Otherwise you'll need to get full quotes.

    Unless you are on state purchase contracts, which a lot of stuff is in NY and NJ. Also HGAC is another co-op. www.hgacbuy.com.

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    Default Milnor

    We purchased a Milnor gear washer about four, almost five, years ago and we've NEVER called for ANY kind of service...EVER. We spent alot of time investigating different washers and happen to have an industrial laundry consultant in the family who advised absolutely to not buy anything but a Milnor unless you want to replace it in a few years and have it break down alot. We wash about four sets of turn out gear at a time. With over 100 sets of turn out gear that we make the guys and gals wash frequently, the washer gets a real work out. I would highly recommend them. We even put a link on our website to theirs because we were so happy. It was the least we could do. www.brockportfire.org. Hope this input helps.

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    Can you please shoot me an e-mail or private message? I greatly appreciate the input!

    I'd just like to know what model you have and such.

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