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    Hello all, Iím new to firehouse but have been in the fire service for 4 years.
    Our City fire dept is all volunteer and serves a small community of 400 residents. Approximately 3 months ago we the dept asked for the resignation of the then chief and his wife the secretary/treasurer because about half of our crew had quietly resigned because of their behavior (not wanting to get more training, no respect for those who had training, rude to the citizens, we had become the black eye of the county, we could not get any new people, etc.) After they (chief and wife) left we began actively recruiting volunteers...but our dept does not serve the rural area surrounding the city, it is considered no mans land. We were recruiting volunteers from outside the city and we had 15 new people wanting to join...if we were to go outside the city and fight fire. Which the dept thought was a reasonable request. We then took this to the city council and asked for their permission to go out of the city to fight fire, while leaving a crew and apparatus within the city. (We have two structure engines, one tender from the state and a brush truck) Six weeks later the city council still would not give us an answer. In the interim various members of the council approached fire fighters individually and gave us some interesting comments such as "well we donít need any one during the day because fires only happen at night. And I can get plenty of people for the night time." The seven of us left on the dept were very frustrated with the councils attitude so we asked the council to come to one of our meetings (we had been attending all of their meetings) so we could discuss what the problem was and educate them on the reasons that we needed the new people...compliance thru education. Not one of the council members would come and talk to us. We later found out that the mayor, who came, had told them that they were not to come; and that he had come up with some ideas on how to serve the rural area. He thought a rural fire district would work (the people of the city had voted it down twice, because there fire protection taxes would more than double with in the city limits with no major change in service. but it passed in the rural area) This we thought was a long term goal, very acceptable and something worth working towards but we needed people now and we felt that our proposal would be a short term fix while the city worked on a long term solution. We were then told by the mayor that they would not pass the proposal. By the following council meeting five of us had resigned with another following in a month. The council made their decision that no one would go out of town, and there could be no volunteers from outside of town. Within 5 days the old chief and his wife were back on the dept. Before they had come back the dept reorganized its self and did numerous inventories, which is when we realized that they had taken equipment and misused fire dept funds.
    So thatís what happened. The five of us that left want to fix the dept...To a certain extent and would still like to fight fire. Does any one have any ideas on what we could do to fix the situation?
    B selden

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