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    Default FP Ideas and Props

    Our fire prevention group is under going a major overhaul. I am looking for unique ideas that you have used to get your message across and for pictures of props that your dept has built. Please email your pictures, ideas, and contact info to Bweil@nocfa.com


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    I made a "Mini-Fire Fighter Challenge" that we set up for kids to go through. We use forestry line for a hose drag. 2nd station is a flame knockdown. I made a house out of 2 sheets of plywood and put flames on hinges in the window for them to spray with a 1" forestry line with the pressure gated back. 3rd station is a small house 4'x4' made of plywood with a door cut out. The kids crawl in and save the baby doll inside. For the 4th station, we used 6 t-posts (used for barbed wire fencing) and zip tied a tarp on the ground and one about 3 feet above it for the kids to "crawl under the smoke". At the last station we have them run zig-zag through some cones to the finish line. Also, at the start and between each station we have a fire safety message (get low and go, get out stay out, practice edith, know 2 ways out, etc.) posted on a painted piece of plywood mounted to a dowel rod and we stand them up in orange cones. The kids have to yell out the message at each station. They have a lot of fun with it!

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    When we did fire prevention at the local schools we took a set of turnout gear, including airpac, and had a firefighter gear up during the session. We also had a dvd slideshow, of photographs from our scenes that our photographer made it to. We gave them a brief overview of our cadet program and some of the required training, etc.

    The kids really seemed to enjoy the slideshow, and asked alot of questions, and it was neat to be able to answer them based on first hand experience of that particular scene.

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    I have heard of a Fire Hydrant robot, with the moving face on it, but it's probably a bit expensive for FP alone. Granted the money could be used for new gear, saws, hoses, etc,etc....

    I remember i was in the 4th Grade over summer vacation, i was in the D.A.R.E. program as a kid in the summer camp. A neighboring town's department came and supplied 1 rig, 3 FF's and 2 100 ft. forestry hoses. They divided us into 2 teams with 7 members apiece. 1 person from each team took care of the valve on the pump panel for their hose. The first team to have every1 except valve guy be on the nozzle won. I was last on my team, and when i was up there holding the nozzle and spraying water, that was SUCH an adrenaline rush. I wish i could do it again, but since i live in a city with a career dept. that does none of it, i don't think it would happen anytime soon.

    hope this helps.


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