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    Default Carrying hand tools into structures

    Recently, I noted a firefighter who carries his axe or halligan by slipping it under the airpack strap at his shoulder, and slings it behind his back and it rests within the shoulder strap and his shoulder blades. The handle of the tool rests along side the air cylinder. The reason for this according to the firefighter was ease of deployment and storage, and it didnt get tangled up in his feet while moving around on the fireground or crawling on the ground in a fire.

    I am sure that the airpack manufacturer would say that this is not what the airpack straps were designed to do...however, we have all seen it done nonetheless. Are there others that stow hand tools on their back like this, and did you determine any pros or cons for the procedure? Also, has anyone done this and then quit because of an adminstrative policy or problem resulting from the storage of the tool near the airpack?

    Let me know...

    Michael Cerovski

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    Huh, I would love to see a photo of this!

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    i wouldnt see a problem with it as long as it wasnt damaging his bottle or had the possibility of coming out in a fall....................

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    Works especially well if your short staffed and the engine guys need a tool. Keeps the hands free to move the line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mcerovskilt View Post
    ...however, we have all seen it done nonetheless.
    Not me....Pictures? Sounds interesting. I'm skeptical about the Halligan, seems like to many edges to do comfortably/safely?

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    I find slipping it down waist strap works good. (Like a sword)
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    I love to throw a pick head axe between the two backpack straps. The axe then ends up between my back and the scba harness. It keeps my hands free to climb a ladder, pull a hose line or do whatever, then when i need it i just pull it out. You actually can't even feel it when you have it on your back like that, I have actually forgot about it back there until i took my scba off.

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