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    Cool Hiring From The Military

    I am in the military and have a question about joining the fire service after I retire. My military background is fire apparatus repair... 15 years of it. Recently I have been promoted into a management position with authority over 80 personnel-military and civilian. I have been a volunteer fire fighter for 3 years and currently I am taking an EMT-B course. When I retire I will be 38 years old. Any chance of me getting a career job once I retire?



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    Default Age restrictions suck

    Most deptartments in the U.s. wont hire anyone past 34-35 yrs old. Its unfortunate but a fact of life. The best way is to get your EMT-B and your FFII certifications and find a P.O.C. dept. they seem to take older people!!


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    Default Hiring from the Military

    I am a member of the High Point Fire Department in High Point, NC. We do not currently have any maximum age restrictions to be considered for employment. Our last two recruit classes both had at least one candidate age forty or older. We use the CPAT test as our physical agility test, and as long as you are successful in passing this test then you will get an interview. We do have an official web site and you can google it. Also, we have a great unofficial web site at www.hpfirefighter.com.
    My brother-in-law is a firefighter with Chesterfield County Fire & EMS in Chesterfield County, VA. He has been there for close to two years and he was 45 years old when he entered the recruit academy. You can google that department as well to get information related to employment.
    As a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and as a paid firefighter for 15 years, I can state that we really like prior military. You will not get any preferential treatment for your veteran status but it sure does not hurt.

    Good Luck

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