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    Just looking for some info on the Massport (Logan Airport) FD. I applied for their last two job openings and know that they are going to be interviewing in the near future. Does anyone know if they are doing separate interviews for each of the two postings, or lumping all of the candidates into one group? I have heard that this is a very politically connected job, just wondering if anyone knows anything about that. Lastly, the website doesn't give very much info on the department, so if anyone(especially Massport FF's) could tell me some more about the Department, that would be great. Thanks for your time.

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    While I never worked for them, I did work at the airport and made some friends with them, who are all really great guys.

    As far as political connections, I wouldn't say it comes down to that, but it does help alot just like at any other job. A friend of mines brother got on there recently and he didn't have any connections, but was an air force firefighter for 4 years. I believe they do seperate interviews for each candidate.

    They do a pretty good amount of calls. They get a bunch of medicals in and around the airport and also respond to the East Boston area, and go on alot of mutual aid in the Chelsea/Winthrop/Revere/Everett area.

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