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    Default Higher Education

    Would anybody be interested in attending a meet and greet session with a rep. from Grand Canyon University to hear about their Masters degree in Executive Fire Service Leardership? Also would anybody want to see a "seminar" on fire service degrees offered in CT and online? let me know.

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    Wouldn't be a bad idea to bring more publicity to the degrees specific for the fire service that Connecticut firefighters can obtain locally.

    University of New Haven offers a Masters of Fire Science degree with concentrations in Fire Administration, Arson Investigation, and some other stuff. I believe this is one of only about six MS programs in the country.

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    Default Looking for Airport FF class

    I am looking for a airport FF class in CT if possible. I'm willing to travel to surrounding states for it but need to find one rather quickly. THANKS

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    Default ARFF Class

    The closest one in held in New Hampshire but haven't seen it posted. There is one in Texas, check out http://www.teex.com/teex.cfm?pageid=...09&navdiv=ESTI. The class starts on December 4th.

    Why do you need the ARFF class?

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