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    Red face UTV/ATV Sop's

    Hi everyone my department is currently getting a UTV through a grant. Does anyone here utilize this in your department , and do you have any sample Sop's for this unit. Also can anyone tell me if it will be legal to drive this unit on the highway for emergency calls only? We are located in PA if this helps at all. Thank you

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    Ummm... Drive it on the highway? For emergengy calls? Isnt that what traditional fire apparatus is for?
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    We used them in my old department in Alaska (also had snow machines, boats, and various other toys - I mean equipment). Biggest thing is to have a good driver's training program. Nothing will run a new ATV into the ground faster than an untrained and inexperienced driver. Don't take their word for it (i.e. "I grew up on ATV's" etc.) make them show you. Also, decide what you intend to use them for and what you'll need to carry. A good place to start is a drivers training program and an equipment list.

    As far as highway travel, it's better to have a trailer. We used them primarily for SAR since we had a lot of wooded area in our service area. Take them by trailer to a de-truck point (usually a good place for a CP also), then take them out in the woods. The only time I can remember using something like that on the roads was when we rigged up two of the snow machines to first respond to medicals one night when every vehicle in the borough was sliding off the roads. If you're rural, it makes a great addition to the fleet. PM me if you want more information and I might be able to get you in touch with my old chief. Good luck.

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