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    Default What to do in this situation?

    Hey all.. I just wanted to post my current situation to see what everyone thought. Well I applied for a department in SC about three months ago. Well I finally heard something last week. They selected 30 applications to move forward in the hiring process. The hiring process is a written test, agilities test, and background/medical/drug test, and then a job offer. Well the whole process took 1 week. The written test was right after the agility test, and the medical would be completed a day later. The day after that everyone was offered a job. This department is about 9 hours from where I live. We had to sign the job offer within a few minutes.

    Now I have been testing to become a firefighter for a year and a half and want nothing more than to become a firefighter, but I just am not sure about this. It's a brand new fire department, previously all volunteer now all career, and we would be the first career personnel. I know there are 1,000's of people that would want to be in my shoes and I feel bad for even having to think about whether or not I want to take it. The thing is.. is that I have been applying for Firefighter positions for almost 2 years.. I have success on some parts of the hiring process, other times I don't, such as fail the written, etc, get an interview and no job offer. But suddenly, I get hired after a hiring process that lasted a week. The academy starts in 2 weeks for Firefighter 1 & 2 in SC.

    I just wanted to see what anyone else thought about this. The main reason I want to take this job is because it could be years or never that I get another offer like this. On a different note.. I am not sure why I feel weird about the whole thing. Maybe it's the move or just how everything happened so fast? Not that I have anything to hide but I would hate to get a bad reference from a past employer, or something like that, and get fired from the academy?

    Have you guys that have been testing a while, took your first job offer? Just wanted some advice on what to do.
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    That sounds like an awesome opportunity. You get to set the standard for what will follow -- I would hit up some "big city" guys for ops info.
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    After years of testing when a job finally comes through it's exciting and scary all at once, especially when you don't have as much time as you would like to consider your options, make preparations, and let the reality of it settle in. Many people would chop off a finger or limb to have an offer at becoming a "paid guy" and if you're still committed to staying the course you should go for it. It could be that the timing and realization of the change that comes with the position is a little scary, which is normal, but if you pass on it you could be kicking yourself in the *** down the line.

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    I have a couple of thoughts on the subject. First of all if you did well enough to get a job offer on one department, it stands to reason that you could duplicate your efforts. Secondly, the training will be a great benefit to you. Lastly, if you go there and do not like it you are much better off as a FIREFIGHTER looking for a job than as a wanna be.

    It sounds like a great opportunity, especially since everyone is starting at the same time.

    Good luck with your decision.

    Paul Lepore
    Battalion Chief

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