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    Default Ics?

    I have a group project for my hazmat class and our topic is Incident Command System. So i was wondering what every body does for ICS, is it any different then the way you do it for fire calls etc. I tried googling hazmat ICS and got a ton of sites offering an 8 hour class in ICS or where to buy $300 videos on ICS, but im not interested in that. Any ones thoughts or comments, or ideas on where i can get more information would be really appreciated. Thanx

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    Post Haz Mat in the ICS

    29 CFR 1910.120 requires that an Incident Command System be used at a Haz Mat incident. One source of information for you would be the ICS-100 and -200 courses available for download from FEMA. Even if you can't take the courses, you can download the manuals. There is also available the blank ICS-200 forms that NIMS is asking every one to use. If you send me a PM, I have them in a compressed format and should be able to either e-mail them to you (if you have broadband), or at least tell you what web site I got them from.
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    We use the standard ICS structure that is in ICS-100 and ICS-700 (NIMS). By using this format it also allows for the flexabilty of different scale incidents plus if you want grant money now you have to have the NIMS training. I am on a county wide hazmat team so it comes in handy when you go to different towns and even if we had to cross state lines.
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