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    Default Mandown alarms

    Our department will be purchasing 8 new alarms but the trouble is, there is quite a number of alarms out there. I think intergrated ones are the way to go, If anyone has any suggestions on which models are better than others I would appreciate it, and any info you may have in regards to this would also be appreciated.

    I know there is an alarm that operates in the traditional sense (single tone within the 3 kHz frequency (ADSU - automatic distress signal unit)) But also use a broadband frequency to help localize where the sound is coming from. (SAL - sound alert localizer) anyone with any info on these would also be appreciated.


    Jason Tate
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    We have SCOTT 2.2 with all the bells and whistles. The HUD system and the intergrated PASS. Our Department is a combination and some guys when on the manual PASS. Never turned them on. The intergrated system Its on when you open up the cylinder. They are operated by a battery and change it quarterly.

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