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    Good day all! I was just wondering if any departments use hose tenders? They're not too commen where I come from, so I have a few questions. So if I understand correctly, a hose tender carries a good majority of the supply hose a truck would need on scene, does the pumper still carry a little bit of supply hose? How much supply hose would you carry on the pumper if any? How much on the tender? Would the tender carry all supply or does it carry spare attack hose as well? If anyone has pictures as well that might help too.



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    This is one of 4 units built by ranger in servie in the country. It serves our neighbors quite well. Their three primary engines all carry around 1000' 5'' and this one has the following

    -5260' on 2 hydraulic reels
    -2 150' (I think) 1 3/4" crosslays
    -40 gallon tank
    -lots of suction
    -2000gpm pump
    It drives to the scene, anchors the hose, and drives to the water supply, and pump. The deckgun is used as a relief valve.
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    I used to belong to a smaller department that was surrounded by a larger municipality. At one time we ran tanker shuttles in the Village but having 7-10 tankers flying around our small village was a huge problem. The solution was to tap a hydrant into one 22" water main that ran through the village and carry nearly 3/4 mile of 5" LDH and a Humat valve. We could get 800 gpm unpumped to anywhere in the village in less then 6 minutes. If we reverse laid to the hydrant and then pumped the line with the humat valve, we were looking at a sustained 1250 at the end of all that hose.

    To carry this hose we took an old tanker, cut the tank down and just made a monster hosebed. I wish I had pictures from when I was there, cause it actually worked really slick. We would M/A with that truck around the area too for long driveways or fill sites at boat landings and stuff like that.

    Its just another "out of the box" type of thinking that worked very well.

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