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    Default Nashville Paramedics

    Hey everyone,

    I work for a large city fire dept as a Paramedic however my fiance and I want to relocate to Nashville. We went there for a little vacation last summer and fell in love with the area. I can read about the benefits and pay on the Nashville.gov website however I am not sure if Nashville is a good place to work for retirement and for family.

    I see that they are accepting applications again so I will be applying. One of my main questions is how the turnover rate is on Paramedics/EMTs? Unfortunatly in my city we have a very high turnover rate on EMS employees. Also how does the fire department treat its EMS employees?

    Any imput would be appreciated.

    Thanks again

    my email is firefighter3234@aol.com
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    I would check into some suburbs. Franklin for one is a good dept and they will be hiring soon. They are going ALS Jan 1 and I am sure they will be looking to hire medics.

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