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    Default Unplugging stored gas inflator modules

    Received a question from a Canadian fire officer regarding unplugging roof airbag stored gas inflator power wires, which is permitted at crash scenes.

    Here's his question, followed by my reply.

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    Hello Mr. Moore,

    Is this action allowed on all vehicles with this system? You mentioned that "automakers" allow this to be done so I have to ask the question.

    My reply:
    If it is a stored gas inflator exposed as you strip some trim, there will be a short 'pigtail' wire with a yellow connector. If you can unplug this connection, the stored gas inflator will not receive any false electrical signal from the airbag brain. The yellow plug is a specially designed safety plug that has internal grounding wires. As the connector comes apart, the safety wires prevent any stray current from reaching the inflator.

    If you see yellow, you can unplug the fellow!
    Ron Moore, Forum Moderator

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    Default Question

    Ron, which automakers are putting these on and what year did they start to do so?

    Burn<br />LT/EMT/Inst />Central Mat-Su FD<br />Wasilla Alaska

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