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    I just joined the ANG as a aerospace medical service (4N0x1) and was wondering if anybody could tell me what credits basic/tech. school will give me toward my CCAF degree. Thanks

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    ...basic will give you your require physical training credits, and tech school credits will vary according to your career field. I would talk with someone who has already been there and done that or do some online research.

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    Here's some basic info on the CCAF program.

    All your "technical" credits should come from tech school. There's only a handful of career fields (most, but not all, with really short tech schools) where people don't leave tech school with all their tech credits satisfied. And usually in those cases, Career Development Courses (CDCs) take care of the rest. Any extra tech credits are usually credited to your elective area.

    In short, for most career fields, when you graduate tech school you are halfway through your CCAF. All the general ed. stuff (math, humanities, speach, etc.) is handled on your own time either through classes or through the CLEP/DANTES test programs. Managemet credits can either be done via class/CLEP or just by going through Airman Leadership School (if you want to wait for that as I did).

    Hope this gives you a basic understanding of how CCAF works.

    If you've got any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.
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