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    Default seeking employment

    good evening, my name is brandon sinkler, im interested in a career position with a bigge city department or atleast a career position with any department, i am 22 and from the village of howard
    (suburb of green bay), and currently in the US Army Reserves and
    at Ft Huachuca in arizona, studying and learning my military job as a
    intelligence collector and interrogator and should be done with school
    or around april, and graduate with an associates degree in intelligence operations and will be looking for a full time career fire
    position, location doesnt matter to me, just a full time position, a little about me, i have been a fire fighter since january 13th
    3 years, 10 months of actual fire fighting experience) and have been on
    volunteer, paid on call and part time staffed basis and am looking for
    time employment with a bigger department than in my area. i currently
    fire fighter 1&2 cetifications, with IFSAC accreditation, HazMat
    certified, Wisconsin Medical Fisrt Responder certified, intending on
    getting EMT-basic and possibly EMT-paramedic certified in the near
    i have extensive RIT and fire fighter survival training from tomahawk
    and rescue school, and ICE/cold water rescue training, entry level
    operator certified, NIMS-IS 700 certified, Flashover simulator training
    NW tech college, i have the drive and knowledge to hold a position on a
    bigger department, i would be looking for employment by june
    please forward or refer to whoever necessary, thank you for any help,
    brandon sinkler. email brandon.j.sinkler@us.army.mil

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    Brandon- Good effort. But right now there are thousands of people lining up for fire jobs. Your best best would be to figure out where you want to live your life after the military and focus on that year.

    Then return to school and start testing there. Its a long road, but worth it. PM or email me if you need more help.

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    Cool in reply to calffbou

    hey, thanks for the reply, wasnt expecting anything, actually since then ive tested for peoria illinois, tested well and have a decent chance, i am just about finished with law enforcement degree and will hopefully be seeking a public safety position, we will see...so are you on a department in cali or something, any full time positions out there??

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