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    Default SCBA maze for trailor

    does any one know of any plans out there for creating a scba maze for a trailor. Looking at building one.
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    The ones I've been at state fire schools had fencing to make the mazes and could be moved around to change the paths that could be taken or even lowered for collapsed ceiling drills.
    Do you need real plans or were y'all planning to build it yourselves?

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    Here's a link to some old posts that talk about it. There are some photos of our SCBA maze in there.


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    Default The Temple of Doom

    Down in Vic Aust at a former sewage works they have cleaned out a large concrete silo and built a scba maze inside. You enter from the top at ground level and there are I think 5 levels set out in various formats. The building is circular with no windows. Formats are varied so you never know what to expect and it is not an easy experience. It is known as the temple of Doom.

    They have had OH&S issues but the benefits are very good.
    These views are my own and not of either my brigade or any other organisation.

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    The ones I've seen are just a product of creativity. I've seen a couple with walls that could be moved to break up the monotany, which I thought was a good idea. Several include areas for climbing over stuff, going under, having to take off the pack to negotiate through, entanglement areas, etc. Imagination is your best friend.

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    Baltimore County, MD has an old Nike Missle launch site that has a maze (includes a vertical ladder down from the surface, something that feels like climbing over roof rafters, and a small dead-end room where the exit is immediately above where you crawl in). The maze empties out into a small three room or so apartment. Being underground it is excessively dark.

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