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    Default From rags to riches.

    I've spent the vast majority of my career working my city's impoverished areas. However, occasionally because of manpower requirements a guy from my district might spend a day working in the high rent district amognst the skyscrapers. The high-rises offer a whole new set of challenges.
    I'd like to hear from anyone who has had to make the transition from one type of urban firefighting to the other.
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    I understand exactly how you feel. I spent over 23 years in"economically challanged" neighborhoods. After getting promoted almost 3 years ago I floated awhile in all neighborhoods. This past year I've been in high rise hell. Yuppies and first due at over a dozen 12 to 57 story buildings. It's a whole different ball of wax. Are you in a single or double house..engine or truck? Talk with some of the guys who have been there a few years and see how they operate. If you're first due talk to the guy at the desk. They usually have at least half a clue what's going on or can show you where the alarm board is so you can see what floor or area you have to go to. Find out what your battalion,or deputy chief wants also. My Bn. Chief wants a company in the lobby with him. Alarm activation gets 2 E's , a Trk and Bn Ch. A reported fire is 4E's-2T's-Res-Bn Ch. Learn how to silence and reset the alarms. While it's safer than working in the hood, it's definately not as much fun. Good luck bro.

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    The whole damn city I was with is a ghetto!

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