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    Hello from across the Pond!

    I'm a volunteer FF in the US. I may be relocating to the Adelaide, South Australia area for work and I was wondering what the Fire Service is like in that area. Are there opportunities to volunteer? Is it even worth looking into if I'm only going to be there for 2-3 years?

    Also, some information about the area in general would be helpful. What are some nice areas to live, and areas to avoid? Some first-hand knowledge/opinions would be nice. It is hard to pick up anything from tourism books.


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    I don't live in South Australia but I have been there and to other parts of Australia and I know that you will enjoy living there.

    I guess this applies to any new arrival to any new country but it is particularly so in Australia and that is to watch, listen and learn and if you are asked how things are done in America then say so but do not go on about how 'We do things in America'.

    Here are two Links to the Fire Services in South Australia,

    The South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service covers the capital city of Adelaide and have mostly full time firefighters but I see in their Website that they refer to Retained Firefighters and so I guess they would be Volunteers?

    The South Australia Country Fire Service is as the name implies for the rest of the State and is made up of approximately 15,500 Volunteer Firefighters.

    Good luck and I know you will enjoy life Down Under.
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