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    I have heard from a Firehouse forum member in a different thread that the Survivor LED is a very good light, and it was reccomended. I have also, heard, however, that the light has a few serious problems- shutting off when shaken being the most serious. I have also heard that the tint of the light is substandard for an LED. Anybody have any of these problems or any comments about the Survivor LED? Thank you very much for all your help.

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    Got my hand on the new surviour LEd model for just a few minutes. we had one for our FF of the year at our banquet. Looks good, bright white light, easier switch than prior. (large push button on top). Included was the AA battery pack to replace the rechargeable battery if needed. Havent heard anything about the light, and this was the first time I saw one, but overall I would say I liked it.
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