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    Default VFD policies

    I am looking for a leave of absence policy and an attendance policy. If anyone has one or any ideas please email them to me.

    Thank You

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    Our dept's policy on LOA is you have too put in a memo requesting LOA for a minimum of 6 months which can be renewed after the 6 months.It will never be denied as you are purely a volunteer dept, and then you giver. As for attendance policy we have a requirement to make 30% of Calls,Training and Fundraising activity's. That is to maintain your Volunteer Firefighter Plates and its becoming policy within the entire dept as well. We use this to determine if we will keep you after your probationary period. If your not showing up to stuff then yah get the heave ho and if your making a lot of calls, attending training and coming to fundraisers you'll stay. Hopefully this can help you a bit in making your Policies up. I know its not clear SOP's on this stuff but it can be used to guide you

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    FMLA sets the guidliness for our department for LOA's,etc. A 45% attendance rate is required per quarter to remain in good standing not including FMLA stuff. It's not hard to meet that and even with a fulltime job outside of our area I maintain around 58%.

    Now for the funerals and vacations I submitted a memo to my Chief, platoon Captain and Lieutenant stating when I would be gone and for how long. The funeral didn't count against the 45%, but the vacation did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bod911
    I am looking for a leave of absence policy and an attendance policy. If anyone has one or any ideas please email them to me.

    Thank You
    On our fd if you take a loa you can take up to 6 months, and if you need more time you submit another one,all though if your an officer you give that position up if you take a loa.
    BE SAFE!!
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