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    Default Looking for chaplain apparel

    Greetings all-

    We have a fantastic department chaplain who is there for us in many ways, especially on scenes where the family is a bit distressed - he takes a lot of pressure off of us by dealing with distraught folks. His services are too valuable to quantify, as he's really there for us in so many other ways.

    I'm the gear geek, and he asked if I knew of a marked chaplain's windbreaker/rain coat type jacket out there. He has a heavier jacket that has hideaway chapain markings, but I have had no luck finding something a bit lighter weight that can shed some water.

    Anyone have a source for such items? Buying him a piece of clothing is the absolute least we can do for him.
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    I don't recall ever seeing anything marked "Chaplain" off the shelf but there are any number of shops that will custom embroider anything you want.

    You might try some of the online shops linked to the home page at Firehouse.com -- some of them may offer customized uniform style jackets.

    Other possibilities are stores like ourdesigns.com, firecatalog.com, or even galls.com .

    (It may be a little over the top, but firecatalog.com has a "Navy Blauer LD330 Raid Jacket" and offers customized panels.)
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    Default Reflective Gear

    Try the website of where I work NHBragg.com we sell Ergodyne and you may be able to get a panel made that says chaplain or have it screenprinted.
    We have a raincoat stlyle (long waisted) also a thermal and a 4 in 1 that becomes a vest, all with reflective striping and lime green in color. Let me know if I can help. Andrew

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