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    Default F-500 foam?

    Anyone use F-500 foam? We have all of our engines equipped. We have to ask for permission to use it because it co$ts soooo much. We have had a few calls where it would have been ideal but never called for it. Just wandering if anyone uses the stuff or not. It appears to work great when used.

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    My suggestion is to go to the search box the thread link tree and put in F-500. You should get a lot of hits.
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    you are right there have been earlier threads on this, but yes we use it and have had good luck with it and it is expensive!.

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    Wow! Yet another ancient topic dragged up...nothing suspicious here...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mello View Post
    It's expensive when you compare it to foam prices. But when you buy F-500 EA and it replaces your foam, you'll find it saves you money. It's also uses a lot less water to fight fires. Here in California, that's important.

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    I'm going to bite .... Slightly.

    I have no experience with F-500 Foam, but I do have some experience with making the choice to go to a multi-purpose foam vs. straight Class A and/or Class B.

    My VFD chose to use FireAid A/B foam as the sole foam for our operations. It's about 40% more expensive than straight Class A, and as we operate on a pretty limited budget, it was a tough call. That being said, there were a couple of reasons why we wnr the direction we did.

    First of all, for us, it makes sense operationally. We go to very few structure fires per year, but typically go to several truck fires on the interstate. The combination foam allows us not only to attack class A fires, but also allows us to effectively deal with tire and running diesel fires using the same foam, and the same line.

    It also makes sense when we took a look at the amount of Class B foam that we had stockpiled, and rarely ever used, watching it go bad sitting in the stations. Now that we are using one foam, we are able to easily rotate the foam from less busy engines to the busy (well ... relatively speaking) engines.

    Note: We still do have some straight Class A foam that we use in the Pro-Packs for overhaul of the smaller fires.

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    Bob, this "mello" cat has revived about a half-dozen threads that are several years old, all about F-500, and has given glowing recommendations for it. He's just selling stuff. The people who were having an authentic conversation about tactics did so six years ago.

    After he was reported to the webteam, his comments have been deleted.
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