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    Default Marriage proposal

    Looking to propose to the girlfriend and want to do something firefighting related. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

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    Have a "fire alarm" at her workplace, when she exits the building, you are there, on one knee, with the ring. Just make sure EVERYONE that needs to knows about it. Meaning, the owner/boss of the building, a coworker so she comes out the right door, your Chief, etc....
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    That's a good idea but she's a nurse at a hospital and I don' t think the fire alarm would go over too well?

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    You could always have her called to ID a body in the Emergency room. When she goes to remove the blanket that is covering you, pop open your eyes and hold up the ring. Hopefully once she's done recovering from a near heart attack, she'll say yes.
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    I don't know that you could bend over far enough to retrieve the ring from where she'd stick it, if you pulled something like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steamer
    I don't know that you could bend over far enough to retrieve the ring from where she'd stick it, if you pulled something like that.

    HAHAHAHA good answer Steve!

    On that train of thought ... hiding the ring in a bedpan might not be too good an idea either

    I don't know enough about the workings of a hospital to know what to suggest. Off hand ... page her to somewhere in the hospital it would be logical for her to get paged to, and be there waiting? The old stand-by: raise and climb the aerial up to a window and have her co-workers conspire to get her to be nearby and knock on the window to get her attention? Do the windows open up? OK I suck at this. LOL

    Maybe Rook will chime in; I'll email her the thread.
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    ROOK reporting...

    This will take some incident pre-planning but if you really want a firefighting theme:

    Find out when her lunch break is.

    Show up, and escort her to the lunch room. Right inside the door will be an honour guard of fellow firefighters, axes forming an arch. Pick her up, carry her under the arch. At the far end, put her down and propose.


    Have Sparky take her by the hand and lead her to where you are waiting for her on bended knee.

    Of course, there is always Plan B:
    Forget the firefighting thing entirely and just propose from your heart and soul. When you think about it, firefighting really doesn't have anything to do with love, does it.

    Definitely NO FIRE ALARMS!
    They are far too disruptive in a health care setting and basically it could be construed as an abuse of your position.
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    Go with Rook's Plan B...

    Everything else is just whackerish.
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