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    Default International Exchange

    Hi there,
    not entirely sure if this is the appropriate spot to post, but im trying to get infromation from other firies about the international fireman exchange program.

    Im an aussi firey, and only know of a few that have done one, mostly to england or somewhere else in australia, i was hoping to loosen the bootstrings and try to get to somewhere a little different (belarus, mongolia, peru) but would love to hear from anyone who has done one, or who knows the rules or even where the rules for these exchanges are published.

    thanks lads.

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    Default international exchange

    do search on this site for "international exchange"

    try http://forums.firehouse.com/showthre...ional+exchange

    This may be a bit old but know doubt this guy is still around.

    On the wild fire end quite alot is happening between the US and Australia
    as life gets more difficult due to global warming or what ever is causing all this wierd weather.

    Frankston had quite a good exchange program going with Fiji. Included training their guys and supplying old but servicable equipment. May be not the place to go at the moment.
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    Default ff exchange

    Squish, I am looking for a FF to exchange with in Australia or New Zealand. I am a FF in Edmonton Alberta canada email me if you are interested.


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    Default I'm interested!!

    Hey Squish,

    I am a FF in Victoria, BC, Canada (on the West coast). I am looking to exchange jobs and homes for one year with an Aussie. I am hoping for Brisbane or the Gold Coast but i am open to all areas of Aus.

    I am having trouble finding info / people. My Chief approved my exchange, but told me i had figure it all out myself, pay all the costs etc. I put up a message earlier today and somebody told me about your post. Write me back and let me know what part of Aus you are in, how long you want to exchange for etc.



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    Default Still Around

    Are there programs still around for international exchanges?
    Anyboby have info on these??

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    Hi guys,,,any1 knows about canada-us exchange as well?

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